Building Foundations for Resilient Communities: CIMA+ Infrastructure Projects in Ontario

Infrastructure is the backbone of any thriving community. At CIMA+, we take pride in contributing to Ontario’s growth and resilience through a diverse range of infrastructure projects. From upgrading wastewater treatment plants to enhancing water distribution systems, the projects we deliver are designed to create a lasting impact, building stronger and more sustainable communities. Let’s explore some of the noteworthy infrastructure projects that are shaping Ontario’s future.


Upgrade and Expansion of the Napanee Water Pollution Control Plant | Greater Napanee (subconsultant to EVB Engineering)

Clean water is a fundamental necessity for communities. Our collaboration with Greater Napanee for the upgrade and expansion of its wastewater pollution control plant highlights our commitment to this essential resource. Through careful planning and engineering expertise, we’re enhancing wastewater treatment capabilities to safeguard the environment and public health in the Greater Napanee area.


Enhancement of Flood Protection at the Adelaide and Greenway Wastewater Treatment Plants | City of London

In the face of changing weather patterns, flood protection is paramount. Our partnership with the City of London on flood protection for the Adelaide and Greenway Wastewater Treatment Plants exemplifies our dedication to resilient infrastructure. By implementing innovative flood mitigation solutions, we’re helping safeguard critical infrastructure and the communities it serves.


Rehabilitation of the Victoria Street Water Tower | Town of the Blue Mountains

Water towers are iconic symbols of communities, and their maintenance is essential for consistent water supply. Our involvement in the Victoria Street Water Tower Rehabilitation project for the Town of the Blue Mountains showcases our commitment to preserving and enhancing water infrastructure. Through careful rehabilitation, we’re extending the lifespan of this vital water asset.



Replacement of the Calico Well Facility | City of Guelph

Reliable water supply requires robust infrastructure. The Calico Well Facility Replacement project in the City of Guelph exemplifies our dedication to modernizing and optimizing water facilities. By leveraging our engineering expertise, we’re ensuring a resilient and sustainable water supply for the residents of Guelph.


Expansion of Water and Wastewater Servicing in North and West Bolton | Peel Region

Infrastructure projects must cater to the unique needs of diverse regions. Our involvement in water and wastewater servicing in North and West Bolton for Peel Region underscores our ability to tailor solutions to specific community requirements. By addressing critical infrastructure needs, we’re contributing to the well-being and growth of Peel Region.


Design, Construction Administration and Site Inspection of Victoria Reservoir | Peel Region

Efficient water storage and distribution systems, like the new Victoria Water Reservoir, are crucial for communities to thrive. Our role in the design, contract administration and site inspection for the new reservoir facility, which will support development in Peel Region and increase the reliability of the water system, showcases our expertise in ensuring the successful implementation of water infrastructure projects.


Upgrade of the Electrical System at the North Brampton Pumping Station | Peel Region

As communities evolve, so do their energy needs. Our involvement in the North Brampton Pumping Station Electrical Upgrades project for Peel Region demonstrates our commitment to modernizing infrastructure to meet growing demands. By enhancing electrical systems, we’re contributing to the efficient, reliable operation of critical water infrastructure.



Reconstruction of Liberty Street South from Baseline Road to King Street East in Bowmanville | Durham Region

Reliable infrastructure is the cornerstone of vibrant communities. Our engagement in the reconstruction of Liberty Street from Baseline Road to King Street East in the Region of Durham exemplifies our dedication to improving municipal infrastructure. The reconstruction will improve the safety and traffic on Liberty Street for all its users, and it will improve the reliability of the water, wastewater and stormwater services beneath the roadway for the residents and businesses of Bowmanville.



Vendor of Record for Peel, Niagara, OCWA, Toronto

Our role as a trusted vendor of record underscores our commitment to serving multiple communities across Ontario. By collaborating with the Regions of Peel and Niagara, the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), and the City of Toronto, we’re ensuring that our expertise is readily available to address diverse infrastructure needs.


Building Stronger Communities Together

CIMA+ is more than an engineering consultancy—we participate in the building of sustainable communities. The infrastructure projects we deliver contribute to the foundation of resilient, sustainable, and thriving communities across Ontario. Through careful planning, innovation, and engineering expertise, we’re proud to play a vital role in shaping Ontario’s infrastructure landscape.

For more information about our expertise in delivering successful infrastructure projects and how we’re driving positive change, visit Join us as we build a better future for Ontario, one infrastructure project at a time.

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