Underground Powerlines

CIMA+ has an experienced team of electrical and civil engineers to carry out all necessary studies for the design and construction of high voltage distribution underground cable lines.

First, CIMA+ carries out optimal route selection and both geotechnical and geothermal studies. Then, based on the results of the studies, cable and pre-moulded accessory technology is selected and cable conductors are sized using CYMCAP software to ensure a long maintenance-free life for the new underground lines. Special features such as temperature monitoring using fiber-optic cables and DTS can also be integrated in projects. CIMA+ also has an extensive expertise in trenchless excavation techniques such as horizontal drilling, microtunneling, auger boring, pipe jacking and more.

CIMA+ offers services for the preparation of cable and accessory specifications, as well as quality control during manufacturing and final acceptance testing prior to commissioning. Construction specifications, installation methods, quality control and project management services are also available. Projects entrusted to us involve railway and highway crossings, underground transmission & distribution in urban developments, large wind farms and solar farms, as well as collector networks (AC and DC).

For more information on CIMA+’s underground power line solutions, please contact: underground.powerlines@cima.ca