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The cutting-edge expertise of our experienced transportation specialists enhances our standards of excellence. Their dynamic attitude has won awards, mentions, and distinctions for CIMA+ that serve to highlight our firm’s innovative and sustainable project implementation approach in Canada and abroad.



An unbeatable team


Over the past decades, CIMA+ has built a reputation for transportation excellence. We have planned and completed thousands of complex and large-scale construction, inspection, and rehabilitation projects in transportation infrastructure. We have expertise with both urban and rural projects.


CIMA+’s transportation expertise stems from 350 highly skilled and experienced professionals and technicians. We rely on our high-level experts, many of whom have completed graduate studies. Our employee training programs, specialized equipment, and the latest computer tools help us exceed our clients’ expectations.


CIMA+ handles all phases of transportation projects, from initial planning to work supervision. Our sustainable development expertise is integrated throughout all of our projects. We can therefore anticipate their impact on the environment and ensure their seamless integration into socioeconomic contexts, within established schedules and budgets.


CIMA+ has world-class specialists in traffic, user safety and mobility, airport and marine infrastructure, bridges and overpasses, roads and highways. Our expertise also extends to signage, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), trains, streetcars, metros, and buses as well as road and tunnel work management and coordination.



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